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Have you got something to say? Something you want to get off your chest but don’t know where? Consider submitting a guest editorial to News Growl!

Submission guidelines:

    1. We are looking for well-written, original thinking. If you have a unique perspective that is not part of the standard left/right culturewar that infects much of what passes for political discourse these days, we would love to hear it!
    2. Content must be original.
    3. Where appropriate, all content must be well sourced and verifiable. No personal attacks, hate speech, or conspiracy theories. Strong criticism is great – just play fair and play nice.
    4. This is a political news website, but we are interested in cultural and social issues that touch on politics (after all, News Growl has a Fashion Section that reviews the styles of politicians around the world).
    5. Submissions will be edited for style, but we will get your approval before publishing any content that includes substantial changes.
    6. Currently we are soliciting submissions for opinion, analysis, and features only. If you are interested in supplying news content, we may still consider it. Get in touch.
    7. News Growl does not pay for submissions. Sorry!

Interested? get in touch with us at [email protected].

Write for News Growl