Vlora Çitaku once told a journalist that she hoped to overcome the stereotype that all politicians in Kosovo must be old and must be men.

We’re pretty sure she’s smashed it.

Vibrant, glamorous, and dynamic, Çitaku has come a long way since she was made a refugee as a teenager during the Kosovo War.

After a spell as spokesperson for the Kosovo Liberation Army, Çitaku joined the newly formed Democratic Party of Kosovo, where she eventually rose to the rank of Minister for European Integration.

She was appointed ambassador to the United States in August 2015. Relations with America are particularly important for Kosavars because of the important role the US Military played in ending the Kosovo War.

“I believe that the Kosovo story is a true testament that when there is U.S. leadership and when the U.S. decides to lead efforts together with Europeans, great things can happen,” Çitaku told an audience at the University of Denver in 2017.

“I believe that Kosovo is also a testament that U.S. leadership is irreplaceable.

“If anyone would have told me 18 years ago, when I was a refugee and you were an ambassador,” she continued, “I don’t think I would have ever imagined that to come true.”

Being an ambassador is much more than just attending seminars and negotiating treaties, of course. Creating good impressions and winning influence for your country are often the most important skills in a diplomat’s arsenal.

Does anyone else on Washington DC’s Embassy Row come anywhere close to Vlora Çitaku when it comes to style? We suspect not. Here are some of our favourite of her style moments:

Class is timeless


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No one ever tires of these classic, elegant dress designs that never get out of fashion. A mid-length style with long sleeves is so flattering for all seasons, ages and events. The fashion-forward diplomat chose a beautiful dark navy number with a playful bottom part. The outfit could risk being a bit dull in less skilful hands, but you know what they say- accessories make the outfit. Çitaku elevated her timeless styling with an eye-catching pin and hoop earrings. Yes, it is an unconventional choice of details, especially the hoops, but why stick to the rules when you can stand out?


Vlora Çitaku can flaunt denim


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Strong, powerful, smart women are becoming bolder with their fashion choices every single day. They know that the rules are sometimes meant to be broken, if you know the right ways to do it. Who said members of the diplomatic corps can’t wear jeans? Çitaku put together this most fashionable combo by matching light jeans with a classy cream blazer and a silk scarf. It’s really amazing how a mix of completely opposite styles can result with such a trendy look.


Another day, another scarf!


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Like style pros everywhere, Vlora Citaku knows how to wear the same outfit but in a completely different manner. You don’t need a new piece every single day to be a fashion maven – when you know how to work with the items that you already own, that’s what style is all about.

The stunning ambassador appeared once again in her classy navy midi dress. To make a different impression, the former Consul General added a fabulous scarf that will make you fall in love with her look immediately. Those turquoise, magenta and ocean blue hues are an unexpected refreshment. When it comes to footwear, Çitaku knew she had to play it minimal and safe.


Mix it up!


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Knowing how to put together an outfit with mismatched prints is the sign of a true artist. The pants and blazer feature completely different fabrics, but everything looks so well put together. Another thing we all have to learn from her is that you should dare to play with more than one color in an outfit (two is out of the comfort zone for many, while three is generally forbidden territory). Too many female politicians make the mistake of only wearing black, grey, and navy. Çitaku shows that she knows better with her elegant, feminine and unique ensemble.


The fashion of color explained in a coat


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If you are not going crazy over this coat, you need a lesson in fashion! If she ever decides to give up on politics, Çitaku could easily get work as a fashion influencer or a model. Once again, she’s taken a fashion risk, knowing that it will pay off. Yes, there is a daring mix of colors and prints, but the Ambassador is as elegant and glamorous as always.



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