Below the Fold: Why is the United States Ghosting the United Nations?


My parents used to tell me to just ignore my older brother and he would leave me alone. That advice was spotty, at best, but it turns out, the Trump Administration has taken adopted it as a tactic to deal with the United Nations.

The State Department hasn’t responded to the last 13 official official complaints from UN special rapporteurs and Trump has yet to extend an invitation for a standard UN visit.

Just put another tick in the “this is not normal box”.

While the United Nations is not a superhero organization – there is plenty of valid criticism of it – its special rapporteurs do have a strong track record of improving human rights, largely because countries don’t want to be considered rogue regimes.

But, if the U.S. just ignores them and there is no resource, what message does that send to governments with problematic human rights records? And, if the whole concept of the UN and the Human Rights Council is going to work, shouldn’t all involved metaphorically clap to show they believe in it?

Catch this week’s episode of Below the Fold to learn more. AND to see my Nikki Haley impression.



“US halts cooperation with UN on potential human rights violations” read at the Guardian –

“US Ceases Cooperation With UN Human Rights Special Rapporteurs” read at UN Dispatch –

“Nikki Haley attacks damning UN report on US poverty under Trump” read at the Guardian-

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Kristin Brey
Kristin Brey is a producer, comedian and activist. Her main focus is on promoting progressive politics and social consciousness through her web series “Below the Fold.” Each episode combines news you may have missed with comedy to create bite ADD-approved content that educates and entertains.


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