Tulsi Gabbard: Hawaii’s future Presidential hopeful

News Growl Fashion Editor Gail Day reviews the style and politics of Tulsi Gabbard, Member of the House of Representatives for Hawaii's 2nd district.

Tulsi Gabbard

To the average American, the tropical island landscape of Hawaii is not often associated with politics. Democratic politician Tulsi Gabbard is working tirelessly to change that.

Turn on the news and you’re likely to hear Gabbard actively speaking out against military escalation in Syria. In early 2017, the former war veteran proposed to Congress the passing of the Stop Arming Terrorists Act (H.R. 608). In support of the cause, she visited the war-torn country, meeting with ordinary civilians as well as Syria’s international  pariah of a president, Bashar al-Assad. Following her first-hand experiences, Gabbard continues to question the US involvement in the war-stricken land, and Trump’s advocacy of missile strikes in response to alleged chemical weapons use by Assad’s regime.

Although a former military veteran herself, Gabbard would prefer to use the large sums of money spent on wars and rather reinvest it back into the US itself. With a degree in Business Administration, her economic policy includes, amongst others, lowering the taxes of the working class and raising that of the wealthier.

Born in American Samoa, Gabbard’s interests stretch further than her immediate environment. Considered by some to follow ideals more fitting with the libertarian left, she often speaks out on issues such as human trafficking, affordable medical aid, the legalization of marijuana, same-sex marriage and abortion rights for women.

Gabbard has served as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district since 2013. Up until 2016, she was also the Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Leading up to the election however, she left the role to support Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination. This move would not only improve her own political profile, but also introduce Sanders to a new voter demographic. Gabbard’s support saw the Senator secure 69.8% of the vote in the state of Hawaii, disproving the notion that he only appealed to working class white voters.

Quite an impressive resume for someone having served a mere three terms in the House of Representatives. Where will the future lead? Depending on who you ask, higher office is definitely on the cards. Some are even speculate about a future presidential nomination, especially given her strong ties to Bernie Sanders. With her eye on furthering US peace efforts both at home and abroad, we take a look at the travelling style of Tulsi Gabbard.

Elegant in blue

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Gabbard is clad in elegant navy blue for a meeting with Mahesh Chandra Sharma, India’s Minister for Tourism. A follower of the Hindu faith, Gabbard has been criticized for her support of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi but went on record to condemn unfounded claims made about him.

Berry basics

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Tulsi Gabbard continues her support for education and cross border ties with foreign countries. Seen here on a national trip to India, her outfit is made up of bootleg tailored trousers and a tunic in a soft shade of berry.

Coral chic

In a stylish blend of black and contrasting coral, Gabbard is seen posing with a student at New Jersey’s Rutgers University. She is stylish and elegant in conservative business attire, supporting the ideals of peaceful interfaith relations.

Tulsi Gabbard: traditional and tailored

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For an official engagement on Memorial Day, Gabbard selected a rich cobalt blue blazer paired with tailored black trousers. Offering a pop of color, she wears a native traditional lei in striking white.

Laid back and casual

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The 2017 UFC season was particularly memorable for the community of Waianae, Hawaii. Here Gabbard celebrates with Yancy Medeiros Jr. on his victory as UFC 212 champion. Her attire is suitably understated and casual – classic white trousers plus a patterned blouse in gorgeous blue. She accessorizes beautifully with a bright pink flower garland around her neck.


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