Ted Cruz says socialist win in Mexico makes border wall more urgent

Ted Cruz
US Senator Ted Cruz. Photo: Gage Skidmore (CC2.0)

During a campaign stop in Waco on Tuesday, Republican US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas claimed the victory of the recently elected “far-left socialist” Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, means President Trump’s promised border wall is more needed than ever.

Ted Cruz: far left rhetoric requires a wall to protect Texas

According to reporting in the Texas Tribune, Cruz made the remarks in response to an audience question. Cruz responded by speculating about what would happen if López Obrador were to become a new Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez camped on the long US border.

“It could really cause a problem in terms of our relationship with Mexico if he follows through on the anti-America rhetoric,” he said.

López Obrador, also known to his supporters as “ALMO,” won the Mexican Presidential election on Sunday with an extremely impressive 50% of the vote. Since the establishment of free, multi-party elections in Mexico in the 1990s most Presidents have won with much smaller vote counts.

ALMOs victory certainly alarmed Ted Cruz. He not only called for renewed support for President Trump’s proposed border wall, but also called for increased funding to put more guards with better technology.

Ted Cruz passes on fake news

One reason Ted Cruz claimed he was particularly alarmed about López Obrador was because of a fake news story. It is not known where Cruz himself picked the story up from, but on Tuesday he unquestioningly passed the unlikely-sounding tale on to his audience.

Speaking of López Obrador, he said, “One of the areas that could be particularly problematic is he urged Mexicans before the election, ‘Pack up and go up north to America.’… I’m running in the state of Texas. How would it work if I stood up and said, ‘Elect me and then get the hell out of Texas!?'”

He then continued, “What a profound statement of giving up on your country, telling your citizens, ‘Flee our country because we’re not gonna solve the problem.'”

According to Politifact, this story originated with WeSupportDonaldTrump.com before spreading around Facebook, and relied on a mistranslation of a López Obrador quote taken out of context.

Politifact found the original quote in El Universal, which translated correctly reads: “Soon, very soon, after the victory of our movement, we will defend migrants all over the American continent and the migrants of the world who, by necessity, must abandon their towns to find life in the United States; it’s a human right we will defend.”

López Obrador was merely saying he would defend the rights of Mexicans and other immigrants living in the United States, something every Mexican President of whatever political ideology has promised to do for decades.

Does Ted Cruz only fear brown socialists?

The United States has lived quite happily with far left socialist governments on its borders for several years now, and Ted Cruz has never demanded walls to protect America from them previously. Could it be that what Senator Cruz is really worried about is Mexicans, not socialists?

In Canada, Alberta elected a socialist government in 2015, when the far-left New Democratic Party swept to office in the province for the first time. So far as News Growl has been able to determine, neither Senator Ted Cruz or President Donald Trump have called for a wall to protect Montana or the rest of America from Alberta socialists.

Just over a year ago, the growing shadow of socialism along the US border advanced further, when the New Democrats gained control of another province: British Columbia. The New Democrats did not win an outright majority in the BC Legislative Assembly, but thanks to support from the equally-socialist Green Party were able to form a government in May 2017.

Again, as far as News Growl has been able to determine, neither Senator Ted Cruz or President Donald Trump have called for a wall to protect Washington State, Idaho, or Western Montana from the hoard of largely-white, English-speaking socialists massing on their border.

Problematically for socialism fear-mongers, the “orange menace” of the socialist New Democrats is poised to spread further still along the US border. In the recent Ontario general elections the NDP moved up from third place to become the official opposition. The New Democrats are also the second largest parties in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Currently, the New England states of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine are the only US/Canada border states not threatened by a significant NDP presence over the frontier.

For now, at least. We will wait and see.


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