Miami lockdown caused by “suspicious package” containing Bill Nelson bumper stickers

Bill Nelson
Senator Bill Nelson. Image: "Senate Democrats" (CC2.0)

A downtown Miami building was put on security alert yesterday after the discovery of a suspicious package in the Miami-Dade Democratic Party headquarters. After investigation by the Miami Police bomb squad, the package was found to contain Senator Bill Nelson Bumper Stickers.

Miami-Dade Democrats sound the alert

After the recent arrest of Miami resident who had allegedly sent pipe bombs to prominent Democrats and media organizations, Florida Democrats were understandably skittish when a package they were not expecting was discovered in an unused part of their office in the CIC Miami building. Police, including a bomb squad, were called.

According to police, the package had arrived on October 22nd from Orlando, but appears to have gone unnoticed until yesterday.

After being x-rayed, the mystery contents of the package were revealed: Bill Nelson bumper stickers.

Miami reacts to Bill Nelson bumper sticker revelation

After bringing traffic in downtown Miami to a halt, local residents were quick to jump on Twitter to voice their frustrations.

Referring to the tense political atmosphere in the run-up to next week’s election, Florida State Representative Kionne McGhee was thankful no one was harmed.

Senator Bill Nelson, for whom the stickers had been shipped in the first place, has made no public comment.


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