Larry Sharpe: why is Molinaro now begging Libertarians to trust him?

Larry Sharpe Molinaro begging Libertarians
Libertarian candidate for governor of New York, Larry Sharpe

Republican New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro asked Libertarians to “trust” him yesterday in an interview with WNY News NOWLibertarian candidate Larry Sharpe responds following a rally in Binghamton last night:

Why is Molinaro now begging Libertarians to trust him, after months of denying their existence? Molinaro has lost the trust of his own Republican base through compounding issues, first with his choice in anti-second amendment running mate, then with non-transparent policies that lack true fiscal conservatism and local control.

One supporter said in a message board on, in regards to Molinaro losing his support “The final straw comes from the Senate Republicans who have left Molinaro out of their messaging. The only reason I can think of for them to do this is because they do not believe associating with the campaign would be beneficial to their own re-election prospects. If elected Republicans don’t support Molinaro’s campaign, why should anyone else?”

Down ticket Republicans have out-fundraised Molinaro in nearly every race, the GOP big spenders have not come out in support of him, and his bank account shows that.

But ultimately, the death-blow came in the one-two punch of the debates he lost, first to Cuomo, then to me.

While Cuomo simply used him in a punching bag in the sham debate held by WCBS 880, I backed him into a corner on policy, causing Molinaro to balk at the very policy he has put out regarding closing schools through a BRAC board. In a room full of my supporters from all different parties, Molinaro denied his own policy that has been posted to his website for weeks.

Half or more of his base has chosen to vote for me, for one reason or another, but ultimately I have earned their trust and now he is begging for crumbs from my base. The very base he has criticized and ignored for months. They won’t be fooled.

The responsible thing for Mr. Molinaro to do at this point, would be to drop out and endorse me for Governor. The Republican base is broken, the NYGOP has abandoned their candidate, and people need someone who earns their trust, not begs for it.

The full WNY News Now interview with Republican Marc Molinaro can be seen below:

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  1. Molinaro is just trying to not come in third in this race. He’s got no party support nor donor support. His lackluster campaign has been to just fill a line on the ballot and coast in second. Amazing what a strong third party candidate can do.

    Go check out the only NYS Governor Candidate that can fix this state!
    Larry Sharpe for Governor

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  2. I find it humorous that they suddenly want our vote but have been actively suppressing our voice by blocking us on fb. You messed that up big time Republican party.

  3. I consider myself a non voting anarchist, i havent ever believed a single politician in my life, i usually vote for my dog, fictional characters, and vermin supreme just because he amuses me.
    I am coming out to support Larry Sharpe, many others are as well.
    As a point of fact, every single Republican i know is abandoning molinaro to back larry because they know he is the best way forwards, no one who supports the 2A will touch molinaro with a 100 foot pole.
    The only responsible thing for Moly to do is drop out.


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