Why we should all be rallying behind Laura Ebke

After a campaign to knock on 19,221 doors in her support, Nebraska Election Director for Young Americans for Liberty Reed Cooley explains why he thinks Senator Laura Ebke deserves to be reelected.

Senator Laura Ebke with YAL canvassers
YAL canvassers surprise Senator Laura Ebke at a "Political Brew" event in Crete. From left to right: Estes Weeks, Brooke Cox, Reed Cooley, Senator Laura Ebke, Steven Huston, Don, Sam Tokheim, and Chad Kingsolver

As an outspoken conservative Republican, crossing party lines to support a Libertarian over a member of my own party was not always a scenario in which I envisioned myself.

After four weeks as part of Young Americans for Liberty’s canvassing team in the agricultural expanses of Nebraska’s 32nd Legislative District, however, I’ve rapidly come to find that Laura Ebke is not the out-of-touch, starry-eyed ideologue one might expect.

In fact, of all the years I have spent in the political gridiron, Laura Ebke has proven to be one of the most dynamic candidates I have ever met. In Laura, voters will find a truly exceptional (and well-balanced) synthesis of cautious pragmatist, bold visionary, and seasoned civil servant.

That is exactly why I’m excited to be on the ground in Laura’s district for the November general elections. Amidst all the flashy, obnoxious headlines of alleged “blue waves”, “fake news”, and ceaseless FBI investigations, it becomes astonishingly easy to overlook the significance of our local elections.

Since my team and I began knocking doors in support of Laura in early October, we have endured blistering blizzards, ferocious flash floods, and more car accidents than I can count on both hands. Simply put: this election has been brutal. The elements have tested us. When the weather — and the wonderful people of Nebraska — have extended mercy toward us, illness and exhaustion have pursued us like an eagle shadowing its prey.

Teams like the one I have been fortunate enough to assemble are the unsung heroes of moments like this. It is not out of self-interest or personal gain that we assume the tremendous responsibilities that accompany the continuing mission of the freedom movement: to defend the longstanding Constitutional rights and liberties endowed to the American people.

It is because we recognize the implications that elections such as this have on not just our government or our culture, but our ability to achieve the existence we desire for ourselves. Electing people with the ideals of Laura Ebke is our only chance at reintroducing the United States to its long-lost legacy as the world’s final refuge for freedom. As an American first and foremost, this is a fight I have every intention of winning. I’m calling on all voters in Legislative District 32 to pull the ballot for Laura Ebke. She represents WE THE PEOPLE.


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