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Operation Win at the Door - Addyson Garner

Young Americans for Liberty launched Operation Win at the Door in January 2018 to help elect 250 state legislators by the end of 2022. In its first year alone, the operation deployed over 300 students across the country, knocked on 1,050,054 doors, and helped secure 37 victories in 21 states. More is planned for the 2019-20 cycle – races in 9 states have been identified so far. News Growl is delighted to have YAL activist Addyson Garner about her experiences with Operation Win at the Door so far.

It’s no secret that a generous share of America’s youth fancy themselves on their political “expertise”, but Young Americans for Liberty is putting its money where its mouth is. Nowhere else could I have expected a more intensely rewarding campaign experience than with YAL’s Operation Win at the Door this past year.

My journey with YAL began in the summer of 2017, when I first got involved as an events coordinator for my chapter at Liberty University. Later that year, I was fortunate enough to serve as chapter president before becoming one of Virginia’s State Chairs the following August.

So when YAL launched Operation Win at the Door in January 2018, I had heard all about it through the grapevine. For the first time in its history, Young Americans for Liberty was amassing a unified, coordinated effort to introduce change on the electoral level. YAL recognized what the next stage of the liberty movement was and acted upon it without hesitation.

After explaining what Operation Win at the Door was to my team, getting them on board was easy. We absolutely could not wait to join the fight and begin knocking doors for a candidate who would carry our ideas to the legislative process!

Savannah Maddox
Successfully-elected Kentucky State Representative Savannah Maddox

And that candidate was none other than Savannah Maddox, a wife and mother of two running from the rural Kentucky House District 61. Savannah embodied the bold, fiery spirit that had always drawn me towards the liberty movement. She genuinely understood the economic and political challenges that Kentucky — and the rest of our country — now face.

I’ll never forget the vast diversity of people I was able to learn from with Operation Win at the Door, both on my campaign team and at the doorstep. One day, I noticed a house with a Trump sign in the front yard. While the man living there had never heard of Savannah, I was eventually able to connect with him after explaining why I believed she best represented his concerns. As with so many other voters, this experience taught me that liberty is an idea almost everyone can identify with in one way or another.

Not only did I make tons of memories like this, however, but I also learned politics where it matters most: the campaign trail. Never had it occurred to me the level of backbone and intensity that went into campaign management — and YAL is no exception.

While knocking doors may seem simple, doing so effectively required meticulous planning, coordination, and a willingness to lead. There could not have been a more rewarding opportunity for my team and I to sharpen our teamwork skills. Operation Win at the Door was the most formative cohesion experience we could have asked for, both in terms of our professional development and our liberty education.

In a political arena that often feels defined by viciousness, volatility, and vulgarity, it was great showing my team that sometimes principle, character, and a love of freedom can emerge victorious. Without a doubt, there is no better opportunity for liberty-loving young people to earn their stripes in the world of politics than Operation Win at the Door.

For more accounts of Operation Win at the Door, see Reed Cooley’s account of YAL’s support for Nebraska legislature candidate Laura Ebke.


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