Below the Fold: Nonpartisan Voting Guide 2018


“To vote or not to vote?” should never be a question for anyone ever, no matter your political leanings. So this week’s episode of #belowthefold provides all nonpartisan resources to help you vote and help to get others to vote on Tuesday, November 6th. Share!

Here’s a fun fact: In 2016, only 8 states had enough voter turnout where either Trump or Clinton received more votes than the total number of people who didn’t vote.

Said another way, in 42 states, the most votes where non-votes. So the next 120 seconds will be dedicated to providing, wait for it, NONPARTISAN, resources to help you vote and get others to vote before polls close on Tuesday. This Tuesday, November 6th. We’re voting people.

Where to vote and what’s on my ballot? has everything you need to know before voting. Polling places, absentee ballots, rules about Voter ID laws and early voting in your state. It’s free and, nonpartisan.

Want a preview of your Ballot? Check out Just type in your address and get comprehensive, “nonpartisan” aggregated information on every referendum and all the federal, state and local candidates you get to choose between.

How to Get There? Now that you know what’s on your ballot and where you have to go – you’re gonna have to get there. You can walk, drive, take public transportation OR you can use Lyft and Uber cause both companies are offering voters free and discounted nonpartisan rides to the polls on Tuesday.

What if I have a problem while I’m there? Problems with your voting machine? ID being challenged? Name not on the voter list? As we say on the New York MTA, “if you see something, say something.”

But in this case, if you see something, first, try talking to a poll worker before you finish voting and tell them your problem. If they can’t help you, ask for their supervisor. If you still have a problem, call the Election Protection Hotline at (866) OUR-VOTE. You can also text for help by texting “Our Vote” to 97779. You guessed it, it’s nonpartisan.

Can I help to get other people to vote? Yes, you can! If you’re a Chatty Kathy and want to phone bank to encourage folks to make it to the polls, check out

If you haven’t talked on the phone since 2009 and prefer to send some texts, check out

Both groups, totes “nonpartisan”

And if you’re wondering which loved ones may need an extra nudge, there’s an app for that!

If you download Vote With Me, you can see the voting record and political party of every contact in your phone. The app pulls voter registration and voting records, which might sound creepy but it is public information. The app can help you prioritize reaching out to your contacts who are registered to vote in states and districts with important and tight races.

So, if you’re feeling a little nosy – or you know, sincerely want to get your friends, family and old Bumble dates to vote – download Vote with me.

OH, look at that — Andrew Tinder is registered as a Republican. Bullet dodged. Ok, that was not so nonpartisan. Whatever.

All of the resources I just mentioned are listed below, so check it out. And these are only a fraction of the websites and organizations out there to help people vote on Tuesday.

Just vote. Don’t be that guy.

Cause if you are, just know that two years from now there will still be an app out there that publicly outs you as a 2018 nonvoter. So, let that be incentive enough.

I’m Kristin Brey and thanks for watching below the fold!

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