News Growl is six months old!


News Growl first launched on January 24th 2018. That makes today our half birthday! It has been a fantastic six months, and we wanted to thank all of our friends and contributors who have made it possible.

There have been lots of surprises in our first half year. To celebrate, here are the top six things we were not expecting in our first six months:

  1. Exclusive news – We assumed it would take us much longer to start producing our own breaking news stories. Although our content still contains “aggregations” of stories reported elsewhere, we genuinely thought that is all we would be doing for a long time when we first started. Almost immediately we started getting tips from readers (some good, some bad) and we are very proud that we have had the chance to report stories no one else is covering.
  2. State Legislatures get too little coverage. Too many media outlets treat State Legislatures like the bush leagues of politics. But this is where most of the laws that most people come up against most of the time are passed. There is a LOT to talk about, and a LOT that deserves more national attention (even when stories appear to have only local implications). And there are a LOT of scandals at the state legislature level! Seriously.
  3. Interviews – this was not part of our original conception. But once we gave it a try, it turned out to be a huge success. In a general election there are thousands of people running for office across the country and not enough media coverage to tell the stories of most of them.
  4. Hardly any of the media picked up on Rick Saccone’s position on torture in the Pennsylvania-18 special election or the Republican primary in PA-14 that followed soon after. We were not the only media talking about it, but the issue was ignored by most of the big players. It was especially odd to us as the Republican primary date itself coincided with the national debate on torture following the nomination of Gina Haspel.
  5. Our most-read fashion content would be about a Canadian former politician who has very low name recognition in America, Ruby Dhalla.
  6. The popularity of our weekly fashion column as a whole, both with readers and with the people it has profiled, has been perhaps the biggest surprise of all. Politicians like Mallory Hagan, Beth Fukumoto, and MacDella Cooper have all shared our column on social media, and our Fashion Editor has even received emails from the staff of more than one profile subject thanking her for the coverage!

We are only getting started. What will the next six months bring? We cannot wait to find out.


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