Nastya Rybka arrested, appeals to U.S. embassy for political asylum

Nastya Rybka arrested

Bellorussian model, escort, and aspiring porn actress Nastya Rybka was arrested in Thailand on Sunday. She and a Russian citizen named Alexander Kirillov, who calls himself Alex Leslie, were picked up and charged with working illegally as “sex coaches” for Russian tourists on the island of Ko Lan. They were imprisoned nearby at Pattaya, but why was Nastya Rybka arrested really?

Nastya Rybka arrested, but not out

I appeal to all media, journalists who work using my materials to spread all the information and investigate this strange situation which shed the light on some topic that led to a worldwide political scandal.Russia has already reached  the Thai kingdom where police volunteers are afraid of this affair and afraide to be involved with it. And Thai immigration is dancing to the tune of Russia and in fact will simply kill us if Thailand gives us to Russia. We have no more money – we spent everything  on bail. If there is anybody who can help – please write to those contacts that we indicated.  ______________________________________________ Я призываю все СМИ, журналистов, которые работают используя мои материалы которые не по моей воле пролили свет который привёл к мировому политическому скандалу распространить всю информацию и расследовать это странное дело. Россия влезла уже в Тайское королевство в котором волонтеры в полиции боятся этого дела и связываться с ним. И тайская иммиграция идёт на поводу у России и по сути просто убьёт нас если выдаст России. Денег у нас больше нет – мы все потратили на залог. Если есть те, кто могут помочь – пишите пожалуйста по тем контактам, которые мы указывали

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Although she clearly enjoyed the initial celebrity, Nasty Rybka now appears to be rattled by her recent arrest.

In February she unleashed a scandal when her Instagram videos revealed contact between powerful oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko. Now Nastya Rybka clearly thinks there is more to her arrest than a simple local labor law violation. She claims that the Russian consul has visited her while she has been in custody and that she is wanted back in Russia. She now appears to be very rattled.

Addressing Russian President Vladimir Putin on her Instagram account she said, “Tell me, please, why should one pull me out of Thailand, if I do not want to?

“I am a citizen of another country. I promised to tell you everything I know [about certain Russia oligarchs and officials], you should have meet with me. A week passed, you failed to meet with me but sent your employees. There are easier ways to date a girl!” (Translation courtesy of Belsat)

Putin’s help has not been forthcoming, so she has tried to gain assistance through two other channels: the US media, and the US Embassy in Bangkok.

In her appeal to American journalists, also posted on Instagram, she also promised to spill the beans on Donald Trump.

“I am ready to tell you about all those jigsaw puzzles you were missing, to support it with audio, video, regarding the connection between our ‘dear’ parliament members with Manafort, Trump and all this ‘buzz’ around the election in the USA. I know a lot. Therefore, I shall wait for your offers, and I wait in the Thai prison.” (translation courtesy USA Today)

But now a third appeal of support from Rybka has surfaced. Russian news channel RBK is reporting Rybka and Leslie have appealed to the US Embassy in Bangkok for political asylum. Claiming to have seen a letter from Leslie to the US authorities, they quote him asking the US authorities “to help and protect us as soon as possible. Because we have important information for the US and we are very risking our lives.”

Nastya Rybka arrested and fighting extradition

Although there does not appear to be an explicit threat, at least not a confirmed one, it appears that with Nastya Rybka arrested her main fear is that of extradition to Russia.

Both Rybka and Leslie are being sued by the oligarch Rybka recently called “Daddy,” Oleg Deripaska. He alleges Rybka published private information about him on her Instagram account, and in her book, Diary of the Seduction of a Billionaire.

Whether or not the US authorities will come to her help remains to be seen. For now she may be the one person with any tie to Robert Meuller’s investigation that would welcome an indictment (as long as it came with protection).


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