Remember the name Morgan Murtaugh. At just 25 years old, this San Diego native is running for Congress as a Republican in her home state of California. Billed as the “smart, conservative millennial” choice, hers is a name sure to be around for quite some time.

Follow her on social media and you’ll find everything from notes on policy change to her opinions on The Bachelor. On a more serious note, she uses her social platforms to speak out against the gas tax which she plans to repeal in November.

Another issue close to her heart: the actual cost of running a political campaign. In a recent tweet, the candidate laid out in financial terms the exact fees associated with everything from filing a Statement of Candidacy to the cost of running advertisements on TV. She ended the list with the hashtag #LetNormalPeopleRunForOfficeAgain.

Then there is the issue of responsible spending. Herself fresh out of college, she speaks out in favor of social security particularly on behalf of young people who pay into the fund but will never see anything back.

Murtaugh also adamantly opposes career politicians who enrich their own pockets by unnecessarily overspending their budgets. She proposes full transparency and blocking special interest groups which effectively waste millions without the consent of taxpayers. “As your next congresswoman, it is my mission to let you keep more of what you earn,” she announced on her Twitter feed.

Another big plus for Murtaugh? She received the official endorsement from Darrell Issa, the Republican congressman recently tipped to be named as Trump’s head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Her main rival in the race to represent California Congressional District 53 is Susan A. Davis, the Democratic incumbent since 2001. Will the young Murtaugh succeed her? We will just have to wait and see. Right now, we turn our focus to Morgan Murtaugh’s style moments both on the campaign trail and beyond.

Filling up fancy

A big squeeze on the pocketbooks of ordinary Americans is the high price of gas. Murtaugh fills up her tank with a smile in a cheerful blue and white floral dress. Dainty gold sandals and sleek black sunglasses round off her feminine look.

Monochromatic magic

What a dapper pair they make! Murtaugh is all smiles next to her stylish companion clad in matching all-black ensembles. The aspiring congresswoman is radiant in a black mini dress with a one-shouldered ruffle design. To further complement the outfit, she tops it off with black patterned stockings and chic court shoes.

Smiling all the way

While out on the campaign trail, Murtaugh shows off her signature smile. Her outfit of choice: grey skinny jeans paired with an easy tank top and a cream structured blazer. The real showstopper is a gorgeous designer handbag, in complementary beige.

Crossing borders

Murtaugh received a personal one-on-one tour from a Border Patrol Agent along the border between the US and Tijuana, Mexico. She saw firsthand how toxic sludge from the Tijuana River Valley infiltrates the American water supply whenever it rains. One of her aims over the next few months is to implore Washington to tighten border restrictions making the area safe – particularly for agents having to patrol the border daily. Her outfit for the visit was suitably businesslike, made up of fitted dark blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a black jacket.

Morgan Murtaugh wines and dines

What’s a beautiful California day without a little wine in the sun? Murtaugh celebrated the past Earth Day in the company of the Our Lady of Peace community. Chic and feminine, she elected a beautiful denim dress with trendy bell sleeves and nude-colored ankle-strap heels for the event.

Alma mater style

Once a Chi Omega girl, always a Chi Omega girl! Murtaugh posed before her sorority letters from college and looked effortlessly stylish along the way. She chose a gorgeous below-the-knee navy blue dress featuring an elegant lace trim along the neckline and lower hem. Simply beautiful!

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