Michael Avenatti would base Presidential campaign HQ in St Louis

Michael Avenatti

He may not be running for President (yet) but Michael Avenatti has announced he will base his campaign headquarters in St Louis, Missouri if he does seek the Democratic 2020 nomination for President.

Michael Avenatti for President?

Famous for representing adult film actress Stormy Daniels against Donald Trump (and vigorously making his client’s case on cable television), attorney Michael Avenatti thinks he may have a shot at winning the next Presidential election. He has been making regular appearances at events in New Hampshire in recent months, and notably snagged a much-coveted speaking slot at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding in August.

At the Wing Ding, while speaking to some of the most important people in the Democratic Party, Avenatti told the crowd that he could out-Trump Trump.

“What I fear for this Democratic Party that I love is that we have a tendency to bring nail clippers to gunfights. Tonight, I want to suggest a different course. I believe that the Democratic Party must be a party that fights fire with fire. When they go low, I say, we hit harder.”

This was not a new argument for Avenatti. The combative attorney has frequently argued that traditional campaigning tactics will not work to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

“To those that claim that only a traditional politician with ‘experience’ can beat Trump, go back & look at the results from 2016,” he told POLITICO in July. “He beat all 15 of those candidates that he faced (crushed many). If we go down the same path and are not smart, don’t be surprised with the result.”

Meet Michael in St Louis

Speaking to POLITICO again yesterday, Avenatti yesterday announced he would locate his campaign headquarters (if he does run) in St Louis.

“I grew up there, I have ties to the area, my parents still live there; they’re getting older. It’s centrally located in the country. It’s the place that I identify most closely with as home.”

But besides his own personal connections to St Louis, the city is an important center of a region with more and more significance in Presidential campaigns.

“If I do this, I’m going to spend a significant part of my campaign in the Midwest,” Avenatti admitted.

And Avenatti is not the only cast-member from the wider Trump saga interested in the Gateway to the West. His client Stormy Daniels appeared at the Country Rock Caberet in East St Louis on August 9th as part of her Make American Horny Again tour.

Avenatti/Daniels 2020 anyone?



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