Martin Heinrich: Suited In Style

Martin Heinrich

It’s not easy making an everyday uniform of a suit and tie look good. Don’t believe us? Look at the majority of politicians who have ever served in any government. Bar one, of course. Today’s choice of style muse manages to make his standard suit-and-tie combination look stylish and original with every wear. Martin Heinrich, you’re our unmatched debonair inspiration.

In 2012, Esquire magazine described this 46-year-old’s looks as “David Duchovny meets Bobby Kennedy.” Those may be big shoes to fill but, in our books, he’s more than earned the right. His stylish work ensembles of classic fitted suits and understated shirts afford him an effortless yet regal style that many others find hard to come by.

Elected in 2012, Heinrich has served as the New Mexico junior ever since. Before that he served as the congressman from the New Mexico first district, and before that a city councilman in Albuquerque.

Under his many passions (which also include education, land restoration and environmental issues), Heinrich has another cause close to his heart: the rights and privileges of immigrants in the United States. During the 1930s, his grandparents fled Germany during the build up to the Second World War as refugees against oppressive Nazi rule. Heinrich often speaks up in defense of all immigrants and refugees from his office on Capitol Hill.

A US senator who also moonlights as an Esquire men’s model… it doesn’t get any better. With an eye on his personal style and outstanding achievements to date, we shine a spotlight on the many elegant outfits of Martin Heinrich.

Quite a Quartet

What do you wear to meet the President of the United States? Only your glossiest navy blue suit, of course. Heinrich and his wife, Julie, are a sight to behold alongside former President Obama and the former First Lady, Michelle. While Julie is stunning in a navy blue lace dress with a scalloped neckline, Martin Heinrich is kitted out to match in a brilliant shade of Oxford blue. His diagonally striped tie over a crisp white shirt perfectly completes the sophisticated look.

Contrast is key

Heinrich strikes a dashing figure, posing alongside a former intern in his Washington D.C. office. The men make a formidable team, with Heinrich opting for a slim-fitting charcoal grey suit. The choice of a pure white button-down shirt and contrasting patterned red tie is striking and bold – the ideal choice for a leading political figure.

Collegiate Chic

An altogether different aesthetic, this time Heinrich chose a smart casual approach when meeting with students from the Northern New Mexico College. His outfit is a considered choice: classic blue jeans, a pale blue shirt and a navy blue blazer – the ideal ensemble when addressing students studying towards degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Gray Matters – Martin Heinrich

As a Senator for New Mexico, one of Heinrich’s main passions is the protection of our natural habitat. Speaking on Capitol Hill, he addressed the crowd on the importance of the historic Land and Water Conservation Fund. His clothing choice for the event was a gorgeous woollen suit in dove gray. Red and white stripes on his tie add the color and contrast needed to complement his attire.

Sensitive Soul

Showing off his softer side, Heinrich took to Instagram to show his appreciation for his wife, Julie, on International Women’s Day. His outfit is a lot more relaxed than his professional look: blue jeans, a black T-shirt, navy blue sweater and a dark blue sports jacket. Easy and understated for low-maintenance style.


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