Like her namesake on the Brady Bunch, Marsha Blackburn appears to be expert at nearly everything she turns her hand to. Rising through the political ranks, Blackburn gets noticed and easily outshines her competitors. But her meteoric rise has come off the back of a LOT of controversial positions, and she has now hitched her star to the ever-controversial President Trump. If she keeps on winning races, expect frustrated opponents everywhere to be quoting Jan Brady: “Why does Marsha get to win everything? Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”

Marsha Blackburn officially holds the title of US Representative for Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District. In practice however, her power and influence far exceed that of a run-of-the-mill congresswoman. She joined then President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team in November 2016 as the vice chair. The move was seen as a serious blow to the women’s rights lobby – Blackburn regularly opposes funding for Planned Parenthood. She was, at the time, head of the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. The committee was accused of going on a witch hunt to expose the identities of medical practitioners involved in the research of fetal tissue.

Blackburn continues to support the majority of Trump’s campaigns – the travel ban on Muslim foreign nationals entering the United States as well as the building of a wall between the US and Mexico, to name a few. She has repeatedly earned a rating of zero from the Human Rights Campaign. This is largely due to her beliefs opposing same-sex marriage and her open support of the military policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Then comes her open rejection of climate change. In December 2016, Blackburn went head to head with CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo in an on-air interview that not only left the interviewer in a huff, it also made world headlines. As vice chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee at the time, Blackburn spoke in support of Scott Pruitt, Trump’s choice to head up the Environmental Protection Agency. The reporter was skeptical whether Pruitt, an open denier of climate change, was the correct man for the job. Blackburn’s finding? “The science around that is not a settled science.”

Next on the agenda for Blackburn is a run at a seat on the Senate to replace Tennessee’s Republican representative, Bob Corker. The “blue wave” is scaring a lot of Republicans into retirement, but for Blackburn is very much in contention to keep Corker’s Tennessee Senate seat red. Whatever the outcome, she will be campaigning in style. We’ve collected some of this politician’s most stylish looks during her time in office.

Animal instinct

We don’t often see members of Congress decked out in animal print. For Marsha Blackburn, it’s just another stylish day at the office. For an official speaking engagement, she selected a knee-length shift dress underneath a sleek fitted blazer.

Shades of classic gray

Enjoyed catching up with Henderson County Mayor, Dan Hughes.

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A tailored pants suit will always remain the most classic choice for elegant office ensembles. Blackburn is the picture of professionalism, dressed in a stylish charcoal grey two piece.

Indigo appeal

Conservative and classic – that is the overall effect created by Marsha Blackburn in this formal outfit. She poses alongside a young student dressed in a darkly patterned indigo-colored shift dress paired with black tights and a black fitted blazer.

Cream chic

If there is one thing that Blackburn does very well, it’s showing off a tailored pants suit with style. In this cream-colored single-breasted blazer and pants combo, she congratulates a young art student on her extraordinary work. The artwork in question was chosen to hang in the nation’s Capitol.

Marsha Blackburn’s color parade

When visiting with a healthcare facility, Blackburn chose an outfit that perfectly blends color with a soft pattern. Her top is a vibrant shade of coral offset by a light jacket adorned in paisley flowers. She keeps the outfit tailored and sleek with elegant black pants to round off the outfit. As always, her ensemble is a lesson in understated elegance.


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