Mara Carfagna: Political Style Icon

Fashion Editor Gail Day reviews the fabulous style of Italy's most glamorous MP.

Mara Carfagna
photo: Maurizio Lupi, CC2.0

It’s not everyday that a former showgirl and topless model makes her way into high office. When Mara Carfagna entered Italian politics, however, it was a sure thing.

Currently a party spokesperson for Forza Italia in the Italian Chamber of Deputies and serving as a city councillor in Naples, she has carved out one of the highest political profiles in all of Italy.

But despite her current popularity, Mara Carfagna’s journey up the greasy pole of politics has been anything but smooth sailing.

After sixth-place finish in the Miss Italy competition in 1997, Carfagna propelled herself into the media spotlight as a model and television host. Her television career proved very beneficial for her later political aspirations. The media company she worked for was owned by the family of a certain Silvio Berlusconi, the now infamous former Italian Prime Minister.

Carfagna made her foray into the world of politics in 2004. Just four years later she was given the title of Equal Opportunities ministerial portfolio under Sllvio Berlusconi – an appointment which made international headlines (and not entirely the good kind).

The then-72-year-old Berlusconi famously told a news reporter that, were he single, he would marry Carfagna. The then-married prime minister then asked her to act as his First Lady at the 2009 G8 Summit, causing more consternation. Before long she was declared to be the world’s sexiest government minister by Maxim magazine, and her position as a cultural icon became assured.

For all the colorful news stories she’s brought us over the years, we can always depend on Mara Carfagna for breathtaking style. With a glimpse into her illustrious career both past and present, we round up her most stylish looks.

The Beauty of the Basics

Mara Carfagna knows the power of a sharply tailored black and white suit. Here she is on International Women’s Day in a crisp set of tailored black pants, a white blouse and a matching fitted black blazer.

Pretty Perfect

Here the petite politician channels another global style icon, Audrey Hepburn. Her choice of black ballerina flats perfectly complements her easy outfit of tailored cigarette pants and a light gray blouse. Chic and sophisticated, this is understated glamour at its peak.

Satin Styling

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We love that Mara Carfagna isn’t afraid to infuse some glitz and glamour into her everyday tasks. Seen here preparing for an interview on Italian television, the stylish councilor went for a satin button-down blouse covered in pink polka dots. Quirky, modern and elegant – the perfect feminine fit.

City Chic

Spotted in her native Napoli celebrating the anniversary of the historic Cathedral of Naples, Carfagna is a picture of effortless style. Her choice for the momentous event was elegant in its simplicity – classic blue jeans with a basic white T-shirt plus a fitted pale blue blazer.

A Splash of Pink – Mara Carfagna

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“I believe in pink,” said Audrey Hepburn, and here, Carfagna follows another one of the stylish actress’ fashion philosophies. For a television appearance, she paired straight-leg dark blue jeans with a white tank top and an eye-catching cerise blazer. Simply striking!


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