The worlds of politics and beauty pageantry do not often overlap but when they do (especially in the case of Mallory Hagan) it happens with a bang!

Last year, the Huffington Post revealed a series of emails between top officials in the Miss America Organization that slandered and humiliated former pageant winners. At the centre of the commotion: 2013 Miss America winner Mallory Hagan.

According to the emails, CEO and Executive Chairman of the organization Sam Haskell called Hagan “huge” and “gross” in reaction to bikini photos that appeared three months after she was crowned. His comments were just the tip of the iceberg in a long line of offensive insults and derogatory terms used to describe former winners.

In an interview with Newsweek, Hagan explained that she felt Haskell’s reaction resulted from her dating Brent Adams, one of his top aides at the time. Haskell wanted to set up his daughter with Adams instead, said Hagan. In his words: “You don’t need a piece of trash like Mallory. You need someone with class and money like my daughter.”

Haskell was initially suspended pending an investigation but resigned soon after the allegations were made. But although the company’s top offenders were soon given their marching orders, the fallout for Hagan still lingered.

Following her reign, Hagan started her own business in which she trained future pageant contestants. That is until she found her name appearing on a list of coaches banned by the organization. Unable to continue, she eventually returned to her home state of Alabama where she is now running for office.

In February Hagan announced her campaign to run as a Democrat for Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District. Not unlike her time in the pageant industry, she is advocating for the fair representation of women. The House holds 435 representatives in total with a mere 84 of those being women. And of those 84, just four are under 40 years old, she said. “To not be represented both generationally and from a gender standpoint in Congress is just unacceptable to me”.

If Hagan wins the Democratic Primary on June 5th she will go up against Mike Rogers, a Republican candidate with 15 years experience in the role. It’s a fight she is ready to tackle with gusto. “Anyone being in a position of power for 16 straight years just goes against what our democracy is about,” she said.

Whatever the results in May and November, Hagan is a winner in our books when it comes to style on the campaign trail. Let’s take a look at some of Mallory Hagan’s most stylish looks.

Pretty in peacock blue

Mallory Hagan knows how to combine feminine fashion with elegant style. Here she is at a daytime function in a peacock blue ruffled dress that falls just above the knee. The effect is playful yet professional- the ideal mix.

Formal femme fatale

Hagan is a trained professional in front of the camera. With innate poise and elegance, she exudes grace in this sleek outfit of navy blue and crisp white. Elegant nude heels round off her chic ensemble.

Cobalt chic

There’s nothing like a pop of bright color to brighten up a room. Hagan is stunning in a body-skimming evening dress in rich cobalt blue.

Vintage Americana

Classic American style is the overall aesthetic as Hagan gives a nod to the past in a navy blue jumpsuit from the house of Halston.

Mallory Hagan: suave and sophisticated

For a stylish evening out, Hagan goes for an elegant yet edgy ensemble. She covers up in a navy blue sweater dress, topped off with opaque tights and knee-high black boots. Cool with an element of class!



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