MacDella Cooper: Liberia’s Inspirational Style Star

MacDella Cooper

The life story of MacDella Cooper is the stuff of dreams. Born into a country ravaged by years of civil war, this Liberian model-turned-politician has her sights set on reforming her homeland. Describing herself as an “activist, philanthropist and politician,” we discover she’s so much more.

In 2017, MacDella Cooper hoped to follow on the example set by former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who made history when she became the first woman to be elected as a head of state in an African country. But while she was not successful in her presidential bid, Cooper continues to uplift and promote peace within her country of birth.

MacDella hails from Liberia, a country that has most recently suffered through the lethal Ebola disease in 2014, not to mention a horrific civil war that lasted 14 years. Just 13 years old at the time, Cooper’s family was essentially split apart – her stepfather lost his life in the deadly battle while her mother fled to the United States.

The young MacDella however did not have valid papers to enter the US, as her American-born step-siblings did, and so sought refuge in nearby Côte d’Ivoire instead. A chance meeting with an American woman, however, would change the teenager’s life for good. An employee of the US embassy stationed in the Côte d’Ivoire, the woman took the young refugee in. MacDella was enrolled in a private school where she went on to secure a scholarship while waiting for her immigration papers. At the age of 16, she would finally be reunited with her mother and siblings in New Jersey.

Cooper committed herself to bettering her own life and that of her family, eventually graduating from the College of New Jersey with a qualification in Electronic Communications. The next few years would be spent in New York, where MacDella found work as a model and appeared in campaigns for Ralph Lauren and many others.

But the Liberian-born Cooper always had ambitions to give back to the war-torn land of her birth. And so, returning home in 2005, she created the MacDella Cooper Foundation to help displaced refugees return home.

“When I landed, I saw hundreds of MacDellas on top of garbage piles, looking for food,” she told the International Business Times. “I saw myself there. I went out to protect those MacDellas – whether they were a she or a he, young or old.”

Inspirational indeed.

MacDella Cooper continues to impress us with her drive, charitable acumen and, it turns out, an exceptional dress sense. We profile the prolific philanthropist’s stellar style.

Black Magic

Her Instagram post tells of five days travelling to five different cities. How does the style icon manage to stay stylish and en vogue? In her own words: “Black suit and glasses”. And so say all of us!

MacDella Cooper’s Election Elegance

MacDella Cooper knows just how to brighten up the most formal of events. Here she is at an electoral rally in an outfit of sleek black trousers and a contrasting shirt made of delicate white lace. The effect is understated yet utterly glamorous, like the woman herself.

Menswear Basics

Softer than black but less attention-grabbing than red, we find perfect sophistication in a navy blue suit. A favourite of Hollywood A-listers and politicians alike, the tailored ladies’ tuxedo suit is a wardrobe must-have. MacDella’s two-piece is both business-like and feminine – the ideal pairing.

After-Hours Appeal

When she’s not at the office or working for her charity, MacDella remains an ordinary woman at heart – albeit one with exceptional style. She dazzles in comfortable stonewashed blue jeans and a pale blue button-down short – the picture of laidback style.



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