Left Shark becomes symbol of Trump resistance

Left Shark Trump

Left Shark, the internet meme sensation from the Superbowl XLIX halftime show, has become an unexpected symbolic leader of the anti-Trump resistance following recent revelations by porn-actress Stormy Daniels of her alleged affair with President Donald Trump.

Stormy in a DD cup

Stormy DanielsAdult actress Stormy Daniels (known off stage as Stephanie Clifford) became the center of a political scandal when on 12 January the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump’s lawyer had paid Daniels $130,000 to not go public with details of an affair. Consistently reported as a relationship between consenting adults, a major source of controversy was the timing of the liason – alleged to have begun not long after Trump had married his third and current wife Melania.

Daniels stuck to the non-disclosure agreement she is reported to have signed, but details of her intimate knowledge of the President’s peccadillos from a 2011 interview with InTouch have since resurfaced. According to Daniels, “[Trump] is obsessed with sharks. Terrified of sharks. He was like, ‘I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks. I hope all the sharks die.'”

The enemy of my enemy is Left Shark

Considering how reviled the current President is among his detractors, it’s not surprising that Trump’s aversion to shark charities has resulted in a boom of contributions for shark-related non-profits. According to MarketWatch, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have both experienced surges of donations from Trump-hating shark-lovers.

“We have been receiving donations in Trump’s name since the story was published,” Atlantic White Shark Conservancy CEO and founder Cynthia Wilgren is quoted as saying. The donations are especially prized as, in Wilgren’s words, “It can certainly be a challenge to raise money for a species that most people fear.”

No tanking this shark

Left SharkNow drafted as a darling of the anti-Trump movement, Left Shark was a prominent symbol last weekend at women’s marches around the country. Protesters also projected images of sharks onto a Washington DC hotel owned by Trump.

Will Left Shark become an enduring symbol of anti-Trump sentiment? It is looking increasingly likely. Will Trump’s wish that “all the sharks die” come true? Thanks to the surge in donations, that is looking increasingly unlikely.



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