As South Dakota’s only elected member to the US House of Representatives, Kristi Noem is used to working on her own. Judging by her long list of accomplishments however, that does not seem to cause her any problems.

After eight years in Washington, Noem has now decided to spend more time at home – hopefully as South Dakota’s first female governor. If she is successful in November’s election, do not be surprised if she is recruited for a Presidential bid before too long.

Kristi Noem first entered politics when she was elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives in 2006. After two terms, including a stint as Assistant Majority Leader in her final year, she took the bold step of putting herself forward to represent South Dakota’s At-Large Congressional seat. To the surprise of many, she came in first in a three-way Republican primary against top-level competition. To win the seat, she had to beat Democratic incumbent Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Defeating an incumbent congressman or congresswoman is notoriously difficult, but Noem out raised Herseth Sandlin, and eventually won by two points in the “red wave” election of 2010.

As South Dakota’s only voice in the House, much of Noem’s time is understandably focused on farming and rural issues. She was a vocal supporter of the recently passed Farm Bill, and has sponsored a bill to reform the Indian Health Service to improve the standards of medical care provided to Native Americans.

Now, after eight years in DC, Noem is planning a switch from representing her state to leading South Dakota instead. In early June she successfully won the Republican primary for Governor and now faces Democrat Billie Sutton and Libertarian Kurt Evans in the November general election.

Whatever office Kristi Noem has held over the years, she has always been a consistent leader when it comes to style. Here is our review of the gubernatorial hopeful’s best looks.

Chic in DC

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Congresswoman Kristi Noem is as chic as ever when meeting with friends in Washington, DC. Her outfit is classic and contemporary – an elegant shift dress falling right on the knee and covered in pretty spring flowers on a bed of svelte navy blue.

Pattern Pizzaz

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Krist Noem gives a lesson on clever coordinating. She pairs a red and white striped marinière top effortlessly with a floral printed skirt. The combination is unusual in its creativity and comes together beautifully.

Stylish wisdom

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The stylish South Dakota Congresswoman got the chance to meet another woman who has taken an active stance in politics: Kitty Werthmann. At 92 years old, Werthmann survived the Holocaust, living under Hitler’s rule in Nazi Germany. Today she is the president of the South Dakota Eagle Forum and continues to inspire countless people by “educating people to the dangers of complacency and communism,” as Noem says. The pair is happy and stylish. Noem selected a patterned pale blue blouse worn underneath a tailored navy blue blazer for the auspicious event.

Kristi Noem’s professional poise

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As a member of the House of Representatives, Noem is accustomed to meeting with people from all walks of life. Here she is seen chatting with a representative from a pharmaceutical company on the innovation happening in her constituency. As always, her appearance is flawless. She wears an elegant T-shirt style shift dress adorned in fine polka dots and large flower print.

Coffee date for a cause

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It’s never just a quick cup of coffee when there are issues to be discussed. The ever-stylish Noem can be seen here listening to the concerns of those she serves. Meeting with the group at South Dakota Sunrise Coffee, she selected an outfit that is both sleek and professional. Her black pants are tapered and tailored to her frame, paired with a soft patterned blouse and a matching black fitted blazer. Simple sophisticated style done perfectly!

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