Kamala Harris: a politician with style, and a dream

Our Fashion Editor Gail Day reviews the best looks of potential 2020 presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris

A beaming smile and the infectious personality to match, US Senator Kamala Harris is a force to be reckoned with. In her own words, she describes herself as “a joyful warrior” – a role she wholeheartedly embraces as she tackles issues like immigration, women’s rights and crime in the United States (to name just a few).

As an experienced courtroom litigator, Harris’ resume can rival the best of them – she served as district attorney for seven years in San Francisco followed by a six-year stint in California as attorney general. Both roles saw her not only becoming the first woman to hold the title, but also the first person of color in history to do so.

Take a glimpse at her social media profiles however and you’ll find a woman most concerned with helping the community around her. One of her primary objectives is the ongoing plight of the “Dreamers” – over 700,000 undocumented immigrants in the United States once granted legal protection under Obama’s policies, and whose rights are now being threatened under Trump’s administration.

Harris herself is the product of immigrant parents – her father, a former economics professor at Stanford University, was born in Jamaica and her mother, also a scholar but in nutrition and endocrinology, hails from southern India.

You may remember seeing Harris taking to the podium during the 2012 Democratic National Convention – an event made even more famous by then-President Obama’s description of Harris as being “by far, the best-looking attorney general in the country.”
But her most notable claim to fame came most recently when the gutsy litigator questioned Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a Senate haring about his connections with the Russians during Trump’s campaign.

Harris is known for regularly speaking out about social issues such as the need for “smart” gun control laws, gender equality and immigration among many others. “When our ideals and fundamental values are being attacked, do we retreat or do we fight? I say we fight,” she told a Los Angeles crowd just after being elected to the US Senate in 2017.

It is this courage and conviction that has endeared her to the hearts of voters countrywide and which begs the question: could she be gearing up for a presidential run come 2020? Only time will tell. For now, we’re profiling some of our favorite style moments of Kamala Harris’ outstanding career

Two’s Company

What a formidable team these two make! On the former First Lady’s birthday, Harris posted a sweet note to Instagram. “Thank you for continuing to push for equal opportunities for everyone, no matter where they started in life,” her message read. Dressed in a smart matching two-piece of black with embroidered gold detailing, she fits beautifully alongside Michelle Obama’s two-toned graphic blouse.

Kamala Harris – Casually Chic

Kamala Harris is the epitome of cool, calm and collected, even in an outfit of blue jeans, a black T-shirt and matching blazer. She adds a touch of everyday glamour with a classic Hermès belt – the perfect off-duty choice for a university debate.

Women First

With her all-inclusive policies and values, Kamala Harris has garnered more than a few well-known supporters. Here she is with famed Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes. Her choice of outfit is an elegant pants suit in deep jet black worn with a patterned leopard-print scarf for a complementary splash of color.

Shades of Grey

The right to free, uncensored Internet is a right to be defended – so says Kamala Harris, seen here with a group of young supporters in a classic tailored suit in light grey, a simple white tank top and elegant white pearls.



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