Justin Trudeau was quite literally born into politics. His father, Pierre Trudeau, was serving in his third year as Prime Minister of Canada when baby Justin was born.

Growing up in a political family, it’s hardly surprising he became politically active in his own right at a very young age. At just 16, he publicly supported his father’s successor as Prime Minister, John Turner.

Things began to get more serious when Trudeau reached his 30s. After a year of preparing the ground, he ran in the 2008 Federal Parliament elections, winning a seat to represent the Montréal riding of Papineau.

The next seven years were a quick ascent through the Liberal Party hierarchy, culminating in Trudeau being elected party leader in 2013.

The Liberals were at a particularly low ebb when he took over. Traditionally seen as Canada’s party of government, the Liberals were then in third place in the Federal Parliament, behind both the Conservatives and the far-left New Democrats. Trudeau had his party primed ready for the 2015 election, however. The Liberals won a decisive victory, winning 150 more seats than their 2011 election results.

Young, dashing, and articulate, Trudeau has spent his life winning hearts and minds – first in Canada, and since 2015 around the world. Only in recent weeks (with the 2019 election only six months away) have his political fortunes taken a serious knock.

Trudeau now stands accused of improperly interfering with a criminal prosecution in order to protect the Québec-based construction giant SNC-Lavalin.

In February, former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybold resigned from cabinet citing “a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to politically interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as the attorney general of Canada.”

Although slightly technical sounding, the scandal has had real staying power in the Canadian media. Speculation that Trudeau may resign before the October elections is growing.

Whatever the SNC-Lavalin affair means for Canadian politics, losing Trudeau would be a serious loss for the political fashion world. We decided we should profile him quickly just in case he disappears.

Here are five of Just Trudeau’s most notable, fashion moments:

The bright side of blue


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Whatever the occasion, Justin Trudeau always finds a dapper way to dress. Instead of choosing a plain navy tie, the PM took a fresh approach and decided on a much more cheerful option. But wait, did you notice those chic polka dot socks? They are the perfect match for the tie – as long as you have the style chops to pull it off.


Pink at its finest


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Even politicians can wear pink (and they definitely should)! We wish more leaders would take a cue from Trudeau, who was fearless enough to add a hint of pink to his simple grey two-piece moment. The Liberal leader celebrated the ‘Day of the Girl’ by letting his daughter take over his desk while he casually stood in the corner.

Justin Trudeau takes a voyage to India


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Fashion has contributed directly to one of Trudeau’s stickier political moments – his February 2018 visit to India. Going to a foreign country with such a unique culture can be challenging, so it’s hardly surprising few politicians dare embrace the local dress styles. Trudeau faced a serious backlash at home after this image and several others made global headlines. Was it too much, or was he just trying to be respectful?

From a pure fashion point of view, we have to admit that the PM and his family look amazing. This is one time, however, when just looking amazing wasn’t enough for Justin Trudeau.


Upgrade the grey


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We’ve already talked about the power of a statement tie, and the wonders it can do for a man’s suit. Trudeau is often ranked among the best-dressed politicians worldwide, and a part of that reputation comes from paying attention to details. For a meeting with Word Trade Organization Director-General Roberto Azevêdo, Trudeau went with a classic grey suit and a white button-up shirt. But the one thing that takes the attire to a whole new level is the gorgeous burgundy tie.


What Justin Trudeau wore to see Her Majesty The Queen


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One should never meet The Queen without showing off the best, most fashionable version of oneself. Although he’s known for his unconventional, bold, approach to style, the 47-year-old politician really toned it down for his visit to the Buckingham Palace. The conclusion is that you can’t go wrong with a classic dark grey suit, combined with a white shirt. Some will say it’s boring, but even Justin knew not to take risks for such an important meeting.

Now then, I wonder if he got a chance to peek inside The Queen’s handbag…


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