It’s Pi Day! And headlines in 60 seconds or Less


Today is Pi Day – a holiday celebrated by math enthusiasts with long recitations of the many digits of pi. It’s also Pie Day, which is celebrated by folks who like sub-par puns.

Here are some headlines you may have missed:

Fox News Host: You Mean Gayle King and Robin Roberts Aren’t the Same Person? –

Long overlooked by science, pregnancy is finally getting the attention it deserves –

Congress Opens Investigation Into Georgia’s Historic Voter Suppression –
Federal Prosecutors Open Civil Rights Investigation Into Police Killing of Stephon Clark –

NASA will be conducting its first all-female spacewalk on March 29 –

Co-written by: Kristin Brey and Lily Fryberg


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Kristin Brey
Kristin Brey is a producer, comedian and activist. Her main focus is on promoting progressive politics and social consciousness through her web series “Below the Fold.” Each episode combines news you may have missed with comedy to create bite ADD-approved content that educates and entertains.


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