Florida State Rep Emily Slosberg faces allegations of theft

Emily Slosberg
Florida State Representative Emily Slosberg (D-Boca Raton)

Florida State Representative Emily Slosberg, a Democrat representing Boca Raton, has been accused of petit theft, trespass, and criminal mischief according to an executive order issued by Governor Ron DeSantis eight days ago.

Although published on the Governor’s website over a week ago, the executive order went unnoticed by the Florida media until yesterday.

Governor DeSantis’ executive order

Executive Order 19-43, which revealed the allegations against Slosberg, was posted on Ron DeSantis’ official website on Friday, February 8th. It was listed several clicks from the home page, and on a long list of executive orders. It remained unnoticed by the public or the press until yesterday morning.

The order lists several allegations against Slosberg: “petit theft, trespass of structure or conveyance and criminal mischief.” The purpose of the order was to remove Florida State Attorney David Aronberg from the case, and assign an new state attorney in his place.

According to the order, Emily Slosberg has a “close working relationship” with Aronberg, and he disqualified himself to avoid the appearance of impropriety. As a replacement, Broward County State Attorney Michael Satz has been appointed to take over in Aronberg’s place (full text available here).

No further details about the allegations are provided in the order.

Emily Slosberg denies allegations

According to Slosberg, it was not only the media that failed to notice the executive order this week. When reached by the Boca Raton-based Sun-Sentinel yesterday morning she said she was also unaware she had been accused of crimes.

“I had no idea,” she told the newspaper. “I just met with [the governor’s] people last week.”

Several Florida newspapers are reporting that the allegations relate to a reported burglary which took place at a Boca Raton property once owned by Slosberg, which she sold in late December. Some media, such as the Palm Beach Post, are reporting that Slosberg is named as a suspect on the police report, however no suspect names appear on a copy of a police report published by Miami’s Local 10.

The report does describe a reported burglary to the residence on January 4th, and contains the language, “Suspect Hate / Bias Motivated,” and “Warrant Applied For 01/28/2019.” A locksmith is named as an “Additional Name.”

Boca Raton Police Public Information Manager, Mark Economou, released a statement which said, “Our investigation remains open and ongoing as we continue to consult with the State Attorney’s Office regarding this matter.”

As well as being a state representative, Emily Slosberg is a general practice attorney in Boca Raton.

She was first elected in 2016 to represent House District 91, a seat previously held by her father Irv Slosberg. After defeating Kelly Skidmore for the 2016 Democratic nomination, she ran unopposed in the general election. She faced no opposition in the primary or general election in 2018.


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