It’s a trend we have seen several times in recent months: a former beauty queen taking on the world of politics. Currently Miss America 2013 and Democrat Mallory Hagan is running for Congress in Alabama, and Republican Erika Harold, Miss America 2003, is seeking to become the next Illinois’ Attorney General this November.

Harvard Law graduate Harold won the Republican nomination for Illinois’ top law enforcement job in March by a wide margin. She did so with the backing of most of the GOP establishment, and can even number Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner among her campaign donors.

But despite having the party machinery at her back, Harold still had to grapple with some hardball politics to during the primary race. According to anonymous sources reported in early March, Harold once asserted that it would be better for child to be raised by an abusive mixed-sex family than a loving same-sex family. The conversation referred to supposedly took place when Harold was a college student in 2000, while competing in the Miss Illinois pageant.

Following the revelation, her Republican opponent called for her to drop out of the race. Harold refused, and speaking to ABC7 News, she said, “I think that voters will be able to look and realize that we are talking about anonymous allegations made from 20 years ago about something that I’m alleged to have said when I was a college student. And I think that most people realize if they were held to everything they may or may not have said when they were a college student we wouldn’t have anybody running for office.”

Like most of American society, Erika Harold of 2018 is more progressive when it comes to many social issues than she may have been nearly twenty years ago. Besides being a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement, she now “strongly supports same-sex adoption and same-sex foster parenting.” Her aim now is to take a bipartisan approach in tackling issues like reforming the criminal justice system as a “reform-minded, political outsider.”

Her Democratic opponent in November is State Senator Kwame Raoul, who tantalizingly occupies a seat once held by former President Barack Obama. No doubt it will be a hard-fought, fascinating campaign, but for now let’s turn our focus from Erika Harold’s policy choices to her fantastic style choices.

Erika Harold the bright spark

In one of Harold’s most recent tweets, she bemoaned the limited choices that exist for women’s work wear. “I’m not looking to wear ruffles, exposed shoulders, random cut-outs or western-inspired fringe,” she said on Twitter. This understated red shift dress more than fits the bill. The outspoken lawyer is seen here at a speaking engagement with the Naperville Township Republicans in Illinois.

Back to business in blue

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Harold knows the value of a great first impression. Seen here at the spring convention of the Illinois College Republican Federation, she is professional and poised in a tailored navy blue suit paired with a patterned blouse underneath.

Gallant in grey

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Erika Harold has more than a few supporters on her campaign to become Illinois’ next Attorney General. She received the support of Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran and looked every bit the stylish lady in politics. Her outfit of a three-quarter sleeved grey dress is polished and chic.

Monochromatic majic

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In the build-up to the March Primary election, Harold attended the Saline County Lincoln Day Dinner and showed off some of her style savvy in the process. She chose a sleek black dress paired with edgy black ankle boots.

Politics with pizzazz

What’s wrong with a bit of sparkle every now and then? Attending a charity gala in aid of abused and neglected children, Harold chose something with some subtle sparkle. Her dazzling ensemble was made up of a form-fitting evening gown bedecked in black sequins. Sensational!


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