Curtis Hill elected vice-chair Republican AG Assn despite #MeToo allegations

Curtis Hill
Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill

Embattled Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill was elected vice-chair of the Republican Attorney General Association last week. This is despite a string of allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior made against Hill which an independent investigator has found credible.

The allegations against Curtis Hill

Earlier this year on March 15th, Indiana’s political elite gathered at AJ’s bar in downtown Indianapolis to celebrate the end of the recently closed legislative session. Four women have come forward with allegations of groping and other inappropriate behavior by Hill from that evening.

Writing in the Indianapolis Star, state representative Mara Candelaria Reardon wrote, “Curtis Hill leaned toward me as if he could not hear me and placed his hand on my back and slid his hand down to my buttocks and grabbed it. I said ‘back off,’ and walked away.

“Later in the evening,” she continued, “I was standing with a group of people, and he approached the group. Hill came up behind me and put his hand on my back again and said ‘That skin. That back.’ I recoiled away before he could touch my buttocks again.”

Shortly afterwards, legislative assistant Nikki DaSilva approached Hill and a female friend who had signalled she was uncomfortable with the Attorney General’s advances. DaSilva placed herself between the two, and Hill reacted by putting his hand on DaSilva’s back.

“His hand started to move,” DaSilva told the Star, “and as I felt it start to move down my back is when I tried to take my other hand to push his hand to kind of maybe have him recognize that that was not something that I was comfortable with having his hand there. That’s when he grabbed my hand by my wrist and with force brought my arm down with his hand and groped my butt before letting me go.”

Following the allegations, Indiana governor Eric Holcomb and leaders from the state House and Senate called on Hill to resign. In a report issued in late October, a special prosecutor found the women’s allegations credible although he declined to press charges.

Hill elected by fellow Republican Attorneys General

Last Monday it was announced that the twenty-seven GOP state-level attorneys general had chosen Curtis Hill to be one of their leaders. Elected Vice-Chair of the Republican Attorney General Association, Hill now finds himself honored with a national position just weeks after avoiding prosecution.

Referring to Ken Paxton of Texas, who was elected chair of the RAGA at the same time, Hill said, “I’m proud to stand with Ken and the rest of my colleagues in working to elect more Republican AGs who will protect our communities and stand for the rule of law.”

Meanwhile, discontent with Hill among Hoosiers is growing. Women who have accused him are continuing to come forward with detailed accounts of his behavior, and are planning a civil lawsuit against the AG as well.

Republican state AGs do not appear to have held allegations of wrongdoing a barrier to being elected to the RAGA leadership. Curtis Hill’s superior in the organization, previously mentioned chairman Ken Paxton, is currently awaiting trial for three charges of securities fraud.


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