Carolina Flórez González: Beauty Meets Brains

Our Fashion Editor Gail Day reviews the fashion chops of Colombian congressional candidate Carolina Flórez González.

Carolina Flórez González

A former Miss World contestant with millionaire good looks (and the bank balance to match) is far from the standard political figure we’re used to seeing. But Carolina Flórez González is looking to change all of that. Later this week on March 11th in her county’s national elections, this 25 year old Colombian beauty is running for congress!

As the spokesperson for the Partido Social de Unidad Nacional (known colloquially as the U Party) in Colombia, Carolina Flórez González is currently studying towards a law degree and running for a seat in congress simultaneously. Her main political focus is to fight corruption in her native Bogota. But the cause closest to her heart? Fighting against the abuse of women and children in Colombia. She is a personal victim of domestic violence herself, having suffered four years of physical and emotional trauma with a former partner.

The relationship in question was with ex-husband Jose Rodolfo Perez. Aged 19 at the time, Flórez González married the multi-millionaire politician 25 years her senior.

A word of warning tough: search through Google with caution – some results are definitely not safe for work! A video of an adult nature circulated on social media recently, naming Flórez Gonzalez as the lead actress. It turned out to be a case of mistaken identity – according to the political candidate, the woman in question was August Ames, a Canadian adult star who would eventually take her own life due to the severity of online bullying she received.

Fact or fallacy? That’s up to you to decide. We’ve collected some of Carolina Flórez González’s most fashion-worthy Instagram snaps to delve behind her personal style:

Lovely in Lace

The leggy stunner sure knows how to work her best angles, and in this black wrap miniskirt and statement Valentino heels, she is simply gorgeous. Topped off with a sheer long-sleeved lace top in emerald green, it’s a classy ensemble that packs quite a punch.

Pencil Pizzazz

How do you spice up a pencil skirt? For Flórez González, it’s all about crisp white color in a cropped corset top with edgy cut-out detailing. Along with stiletto Mary Jane heels and an embellished Louis Vuitton handbag, she keeps the ensemble sleek yet trendy.

Urban Influence

At the end of the day, she is still a fun-loving trendsetter at heart. And no fashion trend is more current than sporty athleisure. Here, the lithe model shows off slinky Rock Stud heels worn with fitted track pants and a turtleneck sweater. Edgy and oh so cool!

Daring Details

The combination of black and gold is incomparable, especially on a glamorous night out. Flórez González shows off her fashion prowess in one of the season’s most talked-about trends: cut-outs. Her duo of a crop top and matching pencil skirt is perfectly accented by dazzling gold statement heels.

Office Etiquette

When it’s time to smarten up for more formal events, Carolina Flórez González knows how to combine smart with sophisticated. At the offices of the famed El Tiempo newspaper in Colombia, the young politician is the image of professionalism. She looks every bit the political icon on the rise, comfortably clad in smart charcoal fitted pants and a crisp white button-down shirt.

Demure Diva – Carolina Flórez González

Showing off her more demure side, Carolina Flórez González covers up in something far removed from her usual form-fitting attire. And the effect is sensational. A simple A-line dress adorned in metallic horizontal stripes is conservative and classy – just the right image of a political power player on the move.


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