Alejandra Campoverdi: much more than just a pretty face

Alejandra Campoverdi

Looking at Alejandra Campoverdi, it would be easy to make some wrong assumptions. With Hollywood star looks, her outer appearance belies the fighting spirit underneath. A former White House staffer under President Obama, she is an indefatigable advocate for affordable health care and human rights for all – a quest she hopes will lead her right back to Washington.

As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, Campoverdi grew up in Los Angeles during the 1990s. She inherited an unwavering work ethic from a long line of Latina women in her family. But a doctor’s visit in 2015 would reveal a far greater, and potentially life-threatening, family trait. She tested positive for a genetic mutation known as BRCA2. Essentially this meant that she would most likely develop breast cancer in her lifetime, exactly like her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother before her.

You might remember a similar fate befalling actress Angelina Jolie not too long ago. Campoverdi shares the A-lister’s same doctor.

After having to face up to such a difficult situation, she understands the need for reliable, affordable healthcare. This became a driving force during her time on Obama’s staff. Her work helped produce the milestone Affordable Care Act, which promised quality healthcare targeted at low-income families and those with preexisting health conditions – something she knew about all too well.

And so when she was first asked to work on Obama’s campaign trail in 2008, she jumped at the chance. Campoverdi had just received her master’s degree in public policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and then offered a scholarship to complete an MBA degree from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Instead, she chose an unpaid job on Obama’s campaign – a choice that would see her accrue credit card debt that ran into the thousands, adding to the whopping $170,000 she already owed in student loans.

The move paid off. Obama selected her as the first deputy director of Hispanic media in White House history. The by-product of the role? Media scrutiny like nothing else before. An online publication had dug up a lingerie shoot she had posed for Maxim magazine during her younger days as a model, throwing into question all of the hard work she had done to shift the focus from just her outward appearance.

She has since left the White House and gone on to launch the Fusion TV network at Univision as well as manage a bureau at the Los Angeles Times aimed at race and immigration issues. But deep-down, she still has dreams of serving in Congress – in spite of her detractors.

“There are always going to be ways to shame women for who they are,” Campoverdi told Glamour magazine. “I decided to not let these pictures, the fact that I used to be a model, and knowing I am going to be attacked in a very sexist way for these things, be the thing that stops me from doing what needs to be done, which is stopping Trump, fighting for my community and the women of Los Angeles, and running for Congress.”

After running in a special election for the California’s 34th district in 2017 in a very crowded field, Campoverdi did not make the runoff. But anyone expecting that to be the last time we see her run for public office is likely to be mistaken.

We wish Alejandra only the best in her future endeavors and to celebrate, have collected just a few of her most fashionable style moments:

Blushing Belle

What’s more cosmopolitan than wearing a beret while sight-seeing along the Thames? Campoverdi’s French-inspired outfit is travel-worthy and bang on trend: cozy layers of soft blushing pink worn underneath an elegant fitted coat in camel. Her coral-colored beret sweetly tops off the feminine daytime look effortlessly.

Pure Jean-eous

She’s come a long way since her early days at the White House. “I’ve used a black Sharpie marker to color in the chips on the heel of my boot before walking to work in the West Wing,” Campoverdi confessed to The Washington Post. These days, it’s sleek style all the way as is evident in this stylish ensemble of ripped jeans and edgy black leather boots.

Eye on Fashion

Campoverdi proves she’s one step ahead of the times in one of the season’s hottest trends: white ankle boots. She complements her edgy footwear with stonewashed skinny jeans and a printed sweater in honor of a Latina-owned boutique in Los Angeles. The message? Peace and Love.

White Alright

This behind-the-scenes shot shows Campoverdi at her glamorous best. Posing for Cosmopolitan magazine, her outfit is made up of crisp winter white with skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder top contrasted by turquoise statement heels. Simply sublime!

Havana Ohh Na Na

What’s a holiday without trendy vacation style? On the warm streets of Havana, Campoverdi is a stylish icon in a matching set of high-waisted trousers and a cute crop top, both in black and white stripes.

Alejandra Campoverdi’s West Wing Winner

Going back to where it all began, Campoverdi returned to the White House as the picture of professional chic. Her sophisticated outfit is perfect in its simplicity – a midi-length fitted shift dress adorned with softly draped ruffles and dainty black pointed pumps.


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