Adam Kinzinger: a man of great fortitude (and great fashion)

News Growl's Fashion Editor Gail Day assesses the career and fashion choices of Air Force Major and US Congressman Adam Kenzinger.

Adam Kinzinger

Few things compare to a man in uniform. And when they’ve got a sprightly twinkle in their eye, even better. At just 32 years of age, Adam Kinzinger progressed from being a pilot in the US Air Force to Congressman in the US House of Representatives, where he is now running for his fifth term. A veteran of the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, Kinzinger is principled and popular. It is little wonder he was named by Jennifer Rubin in her Right Turn blog for the Washington Post as the Republican Role Model for 2017.

Kinzinger serves on the Committee on Foreign Affairs – a role that sees him draw regularly on experience he gained during his time in the military. Despite his elevation to elected office, Kinzinger still serves as a major in the Air National Guard. And he has a history of being a hero when not in uniform as well. In downtown Milwaukee in 2006 he tacked and disarmed a knife-wielding man who had cut a woman’s throat. The woman survived thanks to his intervention, and Kinzinger was awarded the Air Force Airman’s Medal, the National Guard’s Valley Forge Cross for Heroism, and was named “Hero of the Year” by the Wisconsin Red Cross.

In his current role as US Congressman, Kinzinger represents Illinois’ 16th District – an area that houses no less than four nuclear power plants. An active member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, he was instrumental in pushing forward the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act 2018 which was recently passed. Under these amendments, the government will commit itself to the safe and responsible storing of spent nuclear fuel.

Another causes Adam Kinzinger works tirelessly for is ending widespread substance abuse  in his home state of Illinois and across the entire country. Kinzinger can often be found speaking out against opioid abuse and sponsoring bipartisan legislation to create a targeted Opioid Addiciton Action Plan.

It is clear that for this former military man, the fight is far from over. As he continues to rally for change, we shine a spotlight on the style choices he has made along the way.

Blue steel

Dashing and debonair, Kinzinger cuts a suave figure in a single-breasted blue-grey suit. Paired simply with a white shirt and ice blue tie, his outfit is the picture of dapper men’s style.

Family first

On a family trip with his family, Adam Kinzinger keeps things light and casual. A pair of pale blue shorts and a fitted navy blue T-shirt are all that’s needed to achieve a look of laidback cool.

When duty calls

As an ex-military man, Kinzinger is often called upon to perform official military duties. While administering the official oath to a fellow member of the US Air Force, the politician was all business in a tailored dark charcoal grey suit. Business-like and professional, as always.

Forthright finesse

In August 2016, Kinzinger appeared on CNN to speak to journalist Wolf Blitzer. Wearing a dark suit and a striped navy blue tie, he made a statement that would ring out across the Republican Party and beyond. “I’m an American before I’m a Republican,” he explained as a reason for not supporting Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate. “I’m a Republican because I believe that Republicanism is the best way to defend the United States of America… [Trump] throws all of these Republican principles on their head.”

Charitable cool

While working to relieve the plight of Syrian refugees, Kinzinger got the chance to rub shoulders with U2 front man, Bono. The two travelled together to Syria with Bono’s One non-profit organization. In this snapshot, the duo is effortless and cool with Kinzinger opting for a comfortable pale blue button-down shirt and navy blue trousers.

Adam Kinzinger sibling’s style

For an easy day hanging out with his older siblings, Kinzinger followed their lead of comfortable jeans paired with a neutral T-shirt. Does easy-going style run in the family? You bet!


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