About News Growl

Inspired by the late John F. Kennedy Jr.’s George magazine, which mixed politics and lifestyle journalism to much delight between 1995-2001, News Growl seeks to create a new space in the political media landscape that focuses on the people and culture of politics instead of simply pushing an ideology.

George first issueNews Growl brings you under-reported political news stories that we think deserve a wider audience, interviews with politicians with great stories to tell (regardless of party), and publishes a weekly fashion column that features the most stylish politicians you will find anywhere in the world.

Thanks to its all-volunteer staff and some very frugal management of resources, the ongoing expenses of News Growl are relatively insignificant. The small monthly costs are born by the editors (using money they find down the back of the sofa – really, it’s not much!).

Working with News Growl:

News Growl maintains an open submissions policy. If you would like to contribute to News Growl please visit our submissions guideline page or email [email protected].

Who's Who at News Growl

Patricia McConnellPatricia McConnell – Editor in Chief

Patricia is a certified political junkie who aspires to one day listen to political podcasts for an entire 24 hours straight. Originally from Oregon but now living in East Tennessee, she annoys all of her fellow writers by relentlessly championing the Oxford Comma.

Contact Patricia at [email protected].

Steve GoodaleSteve Goodale – World Editor

Steve is responsible for most non-US coverage at News Growl. Originally from a small village in Hampshire, England, Steve has travelled extensively in the Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Contact Steve at [email protected].

Gail DayGail Day – Fashion Editor

More interested in the fashion of politics than political fashions, Gail is responsible for reviewing looks of the worlds political elite. Gail has so far refused to confirm that she is originally from Staten Island, or that her middle initial, W, stands for ‘Wednes.’

Contact Gail at [email protected].